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Microsoft indicated that due to improvements to its testing infrastructure, general improvements of this nature are to be released more frequently through Windows Update instead of being relegated to and only. Contact Microsoft. “How to Activate Windows 8 and 8.1 by Phone” Follow these steps and do a Phone Activation and hold on for a real person to assist you. It also revealed that devices (Windows RT) would be required to have secure boot permanently enabled, with no way for users to disable it. Then they releases 8.1, it had a lot of improvements and it was overall a cleaner experience.

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To set the level, run the following T-SQL statements: EXEC sp_configure filestream_access_level, 2 GO RECONFIGURE GO In this case, I used the sp_configure system stored procedure to set the access level to 2, which supports both T-SQL and Win32 streaming access. Problem: You downloaded a Windows 8 ISO File and need to install Windows 8 from a DVD.

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If you're setting up a Microsoft account for the first time, you may see some other screens as well. 32-bit programs and operating system are restricted to supporting only 4 of memory while 64-bit systems can theoretically support 2048 gigabytes of memory. If you were to talk about an entirely new OS then maybe you’d have a point, but clearly this was about an update – I’m sure you’re aware of that by now.. €œYou program the #1 used OS in the world that needs to run and interact with thousands of different hardware combinations and see how long it takes you to push out updates.€ AS long as it takes Google for Android? The new Start Menu is much better than the Start Screen because you no longer have to leave the desktop to use it. It’s a disaster either way — I have a touch screen and bluetooth keyboard as backup.

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Only the desktop IE requires invoking the OSK from the taskbar. Mine working fine though :/ dood I was looking for the software for free to, but them I came across a site called ecrater.Com.

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Not sure on Win8 systems, but Win7 systems from major manufacturers (Dell, HP, etc.) Often shipped with volume license keys applied to the installed OS. One of these days Microsoft will do that due to all the complaints. €œThere are other sites saying this is not really the final of the update, and when it is officially released via updates in April, it won’t give you that final one, and you will have to reinstall Windows 8/8.1 again to get it.€ Thanks for this.

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I just love VISTA 🙂 you are nuts yeah he is for sure :)) WAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA I agree 😛 I just sing on the hole site to add this reaction 😛 you idiot vista very slow windows 7 fast windows 8 very fast I find the situation amusing. Most useful for creating game capture or stream saving, the app has a simple interface which begins recording with a single click. Still waiting for Win9 before I consider leaving 7. Head over to the official Microsoft link to download Windows 8.1 ISO to get started.

Enabling “Windows activation” option in the “Change Action Center settings” window

Apps can run either in a full-screen mode, or be snapped to the side of a screen. They recognize that if they don’t give it away, they risk their status as the top OS. Essentially all Microsoft programs require a as part of the installation process, including all of Microsoft's Windows .

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Try it after reading your article , feeling much happay and solve provlem that i have 🙂 i appreciate you , i read your blog , totally supported and solve my problem Microsoft provide all product genuine license, But a student like me cannot buy it at all, So I thought to buy a license for my notebook, Where installed windows 8.1 professional. Windows 8 also adds an integrated setting to globally disable all wireless connectivity as well.